Hội chế đồ, nơi tụ tập của các DIY-er

Welcome to DIYOracle.com

We have passion in photography, technology, and technique; We have spend more than 5 years to research, learn and do stuffs that were used in our home and work everyday. We would like to share information about open source projects that we think them useful; After all we love to give a hand to grow a community of Arduino in Vietnam.

Do It Yourself

All posts are written in details to help anyone to understand and redo. We got it done, then you also got it done.

For Anyone

Arduino are designed for amateur, and mid player. Passion, creation, and a bit patient are all enough.

Cost Reduction

All of stuffs are done at a reasonable price.

Global Community

There a lot of same projects come from same mind all around the world. You can get in touch with all of them easily.



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