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How to make a pet feeder from water pipe – Part 1 : Introduction

My friend lives alone and spends a lot of time at work. He needs to feed a cat and a dog in his house. He asked me some weeks ago to make something that helps him feeding his pets automatically by setting a timer. Then the story begins.


The main food holder is made totally from water pipe. You can choose to use 30 mm, 60 mm, or 90 mm diameter water pipe if you want, so you can feed small one (fish) to large one (dog) and also extend the length of water tube to store more food to feed. I made three designs of fins at the bottom for each size. You can also buy transparent tube to see the amount of food left inside. All the electric & motor parts are put inside a white acrylic box to make it neat and simple. You can directly control the feeder and set up timer to release food by phone from anywhere as long as your phone has the internet connection. There is a public server in between your phone and the feeder. That server saves all the timers you created, then control the feeder to release food at matching time. The feeder needs connection to the internet all of time, otherwise it cannot receive data from the server to operate appropriately.

The Android app provides the following features:

  • Control by app on Android phone
  • Control from any where as long as there is a internet connection
  • Add more feeders to control
  • Push button to feed
  • Change the amount to feed
  • Set timers to feed (all timers are stored on public server, so do not need to open the app on your phone all time)
  • Change timezone to suit anywhere on the world

Demo operation

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