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How to make a turntable for 360 photography or 3D object scanning – Part 3 : Assembly hardware component

1/ The frame

Put the top box and 4 x bars cut 45 degree at both ending together

    And on the other side of MDF panel :

2/ The turntable

Parts :

  • Main dish
  • Lazy susan rotator
  • Dish gear
  • 2 dishes for spacer
  • M8 bearing
  • Bearing holder
  • Bolt and nut

Before installing the gear to the main dish, I thread the holes on the gear to avoid it being cracked.

Now, I continue with rotating components. The plug bearing (6 x 22 x M8) to Spacer Bottom Plate, then tie it with Bearing Holder as in the following photos, but remember to align both the Spacer Bottom Plate parts accurately before put bolts into.

After all that, place the lazy Susan on top, and put screws in all the holes to keep them together.

On the other side, it will look like in the following photos

Importantly, you must calculate to make sure the rotator that is centered accurately.

A M8 bolt was used in the center bearing.

 The next step is to attach the main gear dish and the rotator platform.

 After that putting all main components above is going to be like this :

3/ Legs :

We are about to complete the hardware job by making legs for it =).

4/ Motor :

I need to drill some holes to attach the motor, the origin hole not big enough for M6 bolts.

5/ Finally :

I have done the main turntable platform and moving principle that help to transmit from the motor gear to main dish gear. In the following photo is what I have done so far.

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