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How to make a turntable for 360 photography or 3D object scanning – Part 6 : Load a real bike with the upgraded version

1/ Câu chuyện

I upgraded the motor and step driver to be able to load up to 170 kg ( other parts are the old ones ), then fixed the controlling firmware a bit. After all, just made a test with my own bike =)

2/ Change log :

To get the bike going on to the turntable I made 3 steps, 2 ones at both end to lift the bike, the other to help to put the bike on easier.

The bike is big, so I need to put the camera far a bit to get the whole bike in one frame. The trigger cord needs to be a longer one (5m) to connect the controller to the camera.

The driver upgraded to another one, so I need to make a new centering board to connect all electronic parts together.

Firmware was also changed a bit to suite the new driver. Rotating speed needs to be slower to handle heavy load better.

3/ Test & 360 demo

Finally, I got this one to show to all of you.

Demo 360

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