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How to make a turntable for 360 photography or 3D object scanning – Part 7 : New turntable firmware and Android app are ready to download

There were some people that sent me messages and told about the web version a bit slowly at the time of connecting. I have spent my last weekend to rewrite the turntable firmware and a new Android app version that works with the turntable. I have uploaded the new firmware to code section, so just go there and download. Link to download and install the Android app version is as following : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.diyoracle.turntable

You can search DIYOracle in Google Play Store to meet the app. iOs app version is also under development =).

Basic steps to use the app :

1/ Upload new firmware (scroll down to see the instruction)

2/ Power on the turntable

3/ Connect to the wifi hotspot that ending with _Rotator360 (ready written in the instruction)

4/ Open the app, connection is done automatically. If you opened the app before made change to the wifi hotspot, just press Reconnect button and everything ready to go.

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