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How to turn a physical power outlet into a remote controlling one – Part 1 : Introduce an automatic watering system application

* Warning : This is a high voltage application, try at your own risk.


I used this to mainly control the bump in my garden for watering over 2 years and it has being worked well up to now. In the past, I watered my garden everyday in the morning about two years more ago before work. It cost me more 30 minutes to water the whole garden. Sometimes I were so busy and rush to work without watering the garden. Now, it happen no more, because I can remotely control the bump to spray water to feed the trees. I can also set timer to feed the tree at any time I love to. You can use this one to control any other I/O device, and I have another version for physical switch with both forward to control & backward to indicate current switch status (I will post another topic about this version).

There are a lot of digital power outlet with timer on the market, but I cannot control it via the internet, or embed some sensor to system to water on demand automatically. Therefore, I determine to make my own a smart power outlet from a physical one.

Plant watering overview diagram

Current feature :

_ Attach to any physical power outlet

_ Control & set up by Android phone

_ Turn ON/OFF any I/O device, such as : pump or electromagnetic valve directly via the Internet

_ Set timer to turn ON or turn OFF device at any time

I test its stability by turning ON/OFF a driller, and introduce the timer feature to turn the driller ON/OFF automatically.

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