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How to turn a physical power outlet into a remote controlling one – Part 2 : Prepare hardware

* Warning : This is a high voltage application, try at your own risk.

1/ Parts

All chosen parts are easy to find at local store. If you buy from our store, firmware is ready flashed.

Cover the power converter for safety

Module wifi relay ESP-1

USB to serial uploader, I often use the red one

2/ Assembly

Check VAC input , and VDC out put carefully as in the following photo

Everything should be done as bellow photo

3/ Flash firmware

Detach ESP-1 from wifi relay module to flash the firmware, wiring must be done as below instruction to be able to flash the firmware. Remember connect the 3.3v line after all, just before pushing the FLASH button.
Soft used to flash firmware is ESP8266Flasher.exe download from here and firmware from hereh. Please set all parameters as following :

Note : Check for right COM port in Device Manager

After all, click the FLASH button in OPERATION tab to begin flashing job. The blue led on ESP-1 should blynk continuously. To clear everything in ESP-1’s memory, flash it with the following empty file from here. Then you flash the firmware again, and after that input new uid, pass of wifi as you want. It is time to put ESP-1 back to wifi relay module and provide 220vac to the physical power outlet.

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