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How to turn a physical power outlet into a remote controlling one – Part 3 : Control device by Android phone

* Warning : This is a high voltage application, try at your own risk.

The power outlet is going to be controlled over the Internet, steps are as following :

Step 1 : Install the app named Simple Blynk – DIYOracle from Google Play Store, type “diyoracle” to search for this free app. You need to register an account before use

After login successfully, open menu from top left, then choose Switches

There is a Default switch already created at first, switch to Config tab to copy the token string for later use. You need to change the timezone to suit your location, and device name for easy remember.

Step 2 : Provide the physical outlet with power, wait for wifi hotspot xxxxxx_DIYOracle to show up in the list, then touch to make connection.

Open any web browser, and type in the address bar. An interface as in the below photo will be displayed, choose the first menu Configure Wifi

In this web page, you need to provide your wifi credentials to allow ESP-1 to connect to the Internet, then paste the copied token in the 3rd text box. The unique token helps server to match and control correct device on demand.

* In case wifi credentials, and token need to be changed later. You must push the Refresh Token in Config tab before any change will be made, that helps to clear ESP-1 memory, and start the web configuration portal to allow you changing the wifi credentials and a new token as described above. Otherwise, you have to flash ESP-1 with empty file as mentioned at the end of part 2, and re-flash the firmware again.

Step 3 : Connect your phone to the Internet again, open Simple Blynk app and give a try to control the power outlet. The icon on top right should go green to indicate the power outlet connected status.

To set timers, go to the Schedules tab and click Add button at top right corner. Remember to change timezone to suit your location that make timer working well.

You can add more devices if you want, there is an ADD button on top of the right in the list screen. Each device need to provide a unique token to work properly

Have a look at following demo clip :

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