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How to turn a physical power outlet into a remote controlling one – Part 4 : Control devices separately in the same power outlet

* Warning : This is a high voltage application, try at your own risk.

In this post, I will show all of you how to mod the power outlet to allow us to control two devices separately with the same power outlet.

I use physical SINO power outlet that is very famous in local store in Vietnam.

Step 1 : I detach the cover on the back, and cut copper line on one side that connects two holes with each other. You don’t need to cut both lines

Step 2 : I make hole on both copper heads, then make thread to use bolts to hold the power line later.

Step 3 : Make hole on the cover to get power line go through of it as other corner.

Step 4 : I already finish fixing the power outlet and reassemble parts together.

Step 5 : To control two devices, I use two relay module ESP8266 instead of one as mentioned in previous posts, and put them all in the back. A 220vac -> 5vdc module provides enough current to both of relay modules as seen in document. To flash firmware to relay module ESP8266 look at this link, to control relay module ESP8266 loot at this link too, I would like not to re-write in this post.

Demonstration clip after making change to the power outlet.

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